Google Sheet Data read, edit, delete using Script

Dear, I already Downloaded aia file From
Then I change only Script URL & ID ( I use Deployment ID from above the Script URL), I Crate Google Sheet Same to yore Sheet. This Is my google Sheet URL

  1. Have I Need to Change Any Script Data?
  2. Have I Need to Change Any Blocks?

How I Solve This Problem?

In your blocks is where there is a problem.

For your variable id you need to use your spreadsheet ID, in your case this:




then it should work for you

It's not working......Show This Massage

This is my Project aia file
MySheet.aia (16.5 KB)

In the aia project you had not changed the variable id. However, having changed it the error still arises.

The problem is somewhere wioth your script / url ???

Your script url in the aia project does not match the one you show in your post.

Check that the one listed in your last deployment matches with the one in your blocks


Sorry My Dear,
I change ID And Script Url. But No Good result. Show the Same Massage.
This Is my Sheet Script Url
Deployment successfully updated.

Deployment ID

Web app

And This is my Sheet Url

How can I be free from this problem?

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I see that your spreadsheet is called CRUDII, but that your first sheet is called SH. Try changing the name of your first sheet to CRUDII so that it matches what you are sending in the blocks.


Thank you. I Am So Happy For Your Response.


Hi dear, 1st again thanks for yor response. Its possible to add photo in this list.

Of course

read everything here:

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