Google Sheet CRUDQ II

hi im following this page METRIC RAT AI2 - Google Sheet CRUDQ II
to create my app
but there have a block when its procedure can call with data like this
but my block can only call without data like this

Use the blue gear to add a socket

oh i got it thank you peter

hi i am a beginner to learning
i want to overwrite data update my sheet
i follow this page with using gspread block

but i cant get mysheet data please help
there my aia i confirmed its ok so i del my script and id link
if there any other problem please tell me either
thank you
gspread (1).aia (46.5 KB)

Perhaps try this:

ty tim

is that mean change
var rg = sh.getDataRange().getValues();

var rg = if ( e.parameter.VALTYPE == "D") {
var rg = sh.getDataRange().getDisplayValues();
} else {
var rg = sh.getDataRange().getValues();


Well that is what the guide says, so yes.

like this ?var rg 3 time look so strange haha

Sorry, missed your error first time around. There is no var = rg before the if

Just copy the code in the guide....

nvm i changed that anyway ty so much tim

hmm. i got trouble when i initialize the screen
The operation remove list item cannot accept the arguments: , ["<!doctype"], [1]



There is a problem with your google apps script.

  1. Did you publish it / publish a new version after changes ?
  2. Check that the script url matches

my script is copy from here with no edit
and i copy url from my block with my script url+ID+SHEET+FN in browser
it works fine

Should this be Sheet1 ?


noo i copy url from all block to test with browser
it work fine

i think i found the problem

You might share it to help others....

execute the apps as should be "Me" to apply anyone has access to the apps

is there anyway can select list item index by row not column?