Google Search Extension [FREE]

Hello everyone,

I'd like to share a Google search extension I developed for App Inventor. This extension allows you to perform Google searches and retrieve the results.

Key Features:

  • Supports easy Google searches.

Usage Example in Blocks:

Example Search Result:

  "result": [
      "title": "Anime - Wikipedia",
      "link": "",
      "snippet": "Anime is hand-drawn and computer-generated animation originating from Japan. Outside Japan and in English, anime refers specifically to animation produced ...,Anime-influenced, · ,Anime Expo, · ,Anime composer, · ,List of anime companies"
    // ... (other search results)

To use this extension, simply call the SearchGoogle function and provide the search query.

com.rasitech.googlesearch.aix (8.0 KB)

Thank you very much, and I hope this extension proves useful to the App Inventor community!


Please provide some examples of the queries one might use, just entering a simple search term does not work.

Using the prefix:

seems to work for one word only

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Example Blocks:

Download Aix V2
com.rasitech.googlesearch2.aix (8.3 KB)