Google Play Services

Trying to set up Google Play Services is like pulling teeth... is there a comprehensive instruction to get AI2 users through this mess?

Stuck on "Add the Play Game Services SDK"...

Couldn't find this answer anywhere.

Thank you so very much!

I don't quite understand what services you are writing about in the context of AI2? Where do you want to add these services?

App Inventor developers probably cannot make use of these Google services.

Google Play Game Sevices...
Adds valuable features to any app.
When publishing an app at Google, you are urged to use these services but, so far, it looks like you have to know Java. I was hoping that the AI2 community had someone who could help me navigate.

Thank you SteveJG for your response.. I've read those articles and I agree that most AI2 developers won't use Google Play Game Services. But I'm still hoping there's someone in this community that has the knowledge I seek and the willingness to share.

In ai2 you can't add it without knowing java. Not only that, many new libraries or SDKs you won't add at all, due to limitations and outdated android x libraries that are implemented in ai2. Also a limitation is the inability to add full AAR libraries.