Google Play rejects SMS app

Thanks always all very useful.
The problem I encounter is, when I create an App, it sends an SMS, even though it lists the permissions for SMS (SEND_SMS RECEIVE_SMS READ_SMS) Google still does not accept the app. because?
Can anyone help me?
I keep referring to the rules, for SMS, I have read rivers of text, and explanations, when in the end I think I understand and follow the directions, nothing to do, Google rejects the app.

Yet it is a simple clock, which, at the user's choice, sends an SMS at a specific hour or minute.
Can anyone explain to me what is dangerous in such an app?

Are you using the SendMessageDirect block ? If so, this is why Google rejects it.

Read the documentation:
(and scroll up to read the documentation for MakePhoneCallDirect)

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I already use the same block in another app. yet he hasn't rejected it and that's what confuses me.
Otherwise how else, can I send an SMS by scheduling a time, to which it must be sent?

You didn't answer this question....

I answered you if you read my answer further up after your request.
Anyway, yes, I use that block, but it does the same thing on another app as well. and was accepted.
I explain to you:

  1. I created a "Sensor Clock", published and accepted
  2. at the same clock I entered the Send message direct to send an SMS

A few months ago I published an App, "Help Help" that sends an SMS and it was accepted.

Why this No?
Google replies to me to read the SMS rules or read them but I have not understood anything, it would have been simpler to have a video or images step by step on what I would have to change to make it acceptable.

I repeat again.
The app does not send a text message automatically if the user does not enter the message and his / her phone number first, so it is the user who decides whether to send the SMS or not.

Only in that case, you can also choose whether to send it automatically, after a certain time, or after a few minutes by repeating it.

What is strange to Google for not accepting the App?

Nowhere did you previously say you used SendMessageDirect....

I also provided you with the reason why Google is rejecting your app in the link to the documentation (phonecall):

You may also use MakePhoneCallDirect to directly initiate a phone call without user interaction. However, apps using this block may require further review by Google if submitted to the Play Store so it is advised to use MakePhoneCall instead.

You may also send text messages without user interaction by calling SendMessageDirect instead, but this adds dangerous permissions to your final app.

I do not know why Google previously allowed your apps with SendMessageDirect, but the above is why they are not allowing them now. The user must open the default messaging app to send an SMS.

Se google ha deciso di rifiutare le app per le ragioni da te descritte, avrà le sue ragioni, sicuramente non contestabili, Grazie per il tuo chiarimento.
Solo per precisare che ti avevo risposto, ("Uso già lo stesso blocco in un'altra app"**. eppure non l'ha rifiutato ed è questo che mi confonde.
Altrimenti in quale altro modo posso inviare un SMS programmando un orario a cui deve essere inviato?)