Google Play doesnt like my App Bundle?

The Google Play Console doesn't like my app bundle. I am creating it from App Inventor and uploading straight to my Google acct but when I try I get the following error:

Your APK or Android App Bundle needs to have the package name appinventor.ai_carlos_comiomucho.LiveChat.

I have not been getting any errors in the past. I tried renaming the AAB file itself but still no luck.. what else can I try?

The packageName is:

So what is your email and your projectName?

If you email is no longer "carlos_comiomucho@..." and / or the projectName (projectName.aia) is no longer "LiveChat" (LiveChat.aia), then the packageName changed and you can't update your app in the Play Store.

See also here:

I did change the project name. I can change it back.

Thank you.

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