Google Play Console - Upload From App - How To Upload Husbands App To My Account

I have an account with Google Play Console. My husband also has an AppInventor account where most of the apps are. My husband used to have an account with Google, but it was deactivated because something didn't fit Google's guidelines. We can no longer understand this after all these years. We also wrote to Google Play and asked them to reactivate his account, but Google doesn't seem to do that. So I came up with the idea to upload the apps that are with him to my active Google Play Developer account as .AAB. However, the problem arose when I was in the test release area and uploaded that the message came up meaning that the app signature was too weak. At least that is how I remember this message. Anyway, it did not work. Is there any way either in AppInventor to import his apps to me and download as .AAB to upload in my Google Play Developer account or is there any way on Google Play Developer Console to upload from my husband's AppInventor account? A message came up there with fingerprint that was different. I know that each developer has a different fingerprint, but I don't dare to change it. I have the Google Play Console in German. Does anyone know any advice please?

Is it normal that App Status is on Draft and the Update Status is on "Under Review" or did I not publish the app correctly?

Thanks a lot!

Update: I have exported from my husbands account one app as .AIA and imported into my AppInventor account and it seems like it would work on Google Play Console. It has now my signature. I will answer you, if I have uploaded the app completely on Google Play after review. The problem is perhaps solved. Thank you!

This is the right way...

Thank you very much, dear Anke! Have a great day!