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My first app, my first experience of Google Play Console. There's one section: 'Set up your app' and the first part asks you to 'Set privacy policy'. Clicking on this link you are given a box in which you should enter a 'Privacy policy URL' Could anybody please tell me what this is? Could it be my website? I don't have a website! Could it be some website which will provide a privacy policy?
This is written under the box: Enter a URL, for example
I'm sure most of you have successfully navigated around this form. I'd be grateful if somebody would enlighten me without too much jargon - I'm 69 years old and still trying to come to grips with IT.
Much obliged!

The game of confusion continues... :wink:

Thanks for that Anke.
When you say that you must include a link to your privacy policy would that be a link to my own personal policy, so it would be a link to a website of mine or, as I previously speculated, a link to a site which deals with privacy policies? I very much doubt the latter.
One way or the other a link to the app which will have its privacy policy included should be enough. Please tell me it is so!!

I have several websites that I use for my iOS & Android apps to submit data protection declarations (German / English), some of which I have formulated myself and have had the rest created by a (free) privacy policy generator.

My URLs (Play Store) then look something like this: (German apps)

I doubt whether it would be sufficient to refer to a general (and thus not specific, individual) data protection declaration in the Play Store. But maybe someone knows better.

Btw, Apple's AppStore / iOS apps:

"A URL pointing to your privacy policy. A privacy policy is required for all apps."

Anke, that's very useful information. Thanks a lot for your help!

The problem with this one, Anke, is that I can't access the page!

Because "" is of course not my real domain. I'll PM you the link later.

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