Google Play Console says an error on stability "Crash in native code"

Hi there,
I submitted an application to Google Play Console.
They say my application has error that is Crash in native code

messages is the followings,

error 問題 1/1 Detected on 1 device during testing
Stack trace Native crash of

backtrace: #00 pc 0x00000000003255e4 /data/user_de/0/

Detected on 1 device during testing

device_Screen size_Android version_RAM (total memory)_ABI_Language/Region

motorola Motorola G20_720x1600_Android 11(SDK 30)_4,096 MBarm64-v8ain_US

as the above circumstances,
I have no idea to improve my application to prevent this crash that does on only one type with App Inventor.
Must I give up to publish this application ?


Post a screenshot of the complete stack trace or copy/paste it to a text file and post it.
And tell us what extensions you are using.

Hi Anke,

Thanks for responding,
I have no idea what stack trace and extension mean.
Is the following upload enough or not for your request?

I know my application season clock only by App Inventor design and blocks.

SeasonClock.aia (285.5 KB)

Please tell me what improve crash on Motorola device.


On my Bluestacks emulator, I get this error on startup:

I blame the use of an empty piece of text (start value) at Screen1 Initialize.

What were you expecting to find in the start value at startup time, and how was it supposed to get there?

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I expect trouble for you in Screen2 also:

I encourage you to use TinyDB instead of start values to pass data between screens.

I have seen too many foulups.

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I don't see any reason why this error / crash should occur (especially not because of the components you are using). However, you should adjust some things to avoid the errors that @ABG pointed out, like this:



Sometimes the Pre-launch Report gives erroneous messages.

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Thanks Anke and ABG for advices,

I have no idea as App Inventor user to realize this crash because I do not have any Motorola device.
If I had it and encountered this crash, I can not realize what App Inventor Blocks causes this crash especially on Motorola.

Refer to @ABG suggestion, vacant start value may cause the crash.
Really I submitted another application to Google Play Console that also applies vacant start value at start. About this application, Google Play Console does not send me error message that there is crash on Motorola device.

I will wait Google Play Console whether they pass this application or deny.
I do not have any other selection.


Google Play may have money and developer support, but they are no alternative to a good pair of eyes and a brain to read your code.

Read and understand the flow of data in your app.

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