Google Play – August 1, November 1

For uploading to Google Play, August 1 and November 1 seem to be important dates. New and/or updated apps will need to use AAB's instead of APK's and the target API will need to be 30.

I've seen some news on this forum that App Inventor will support these two things. I saw the date of July 12, that things are in progress, and I've seen the beta AI version that supports AAB's. But, I haven't seen anything final.

Will there be an announcement that these changes have been made or will it just happen in the silently in the background?

Will it be obvious on the AI ide that these changes are in place?


What are your specific questions?

yes, see also here

yes, you will see it in the splash screen after opening App Inventor...
also you can click Help - About to see the current release...


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Great thanks!

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