Google Play Android App Bundle Error

Hello I had an app uploaded as apk many years in play store but I had problem upload a new version apk because of wrong keystore . After many tries with no result .... yesterday I create the same but new one app with other name from beginning (aab) and uploaded it in google play store . , all ok.
Today I try a new version aab to upload but I have this error again: Your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key. Ensure that your App Bundle is signed with the correct signing key and try again.
I didnt delete or change something with keys
What to do ?

Even if I create a new app (aab) in google store I have this error
Your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key.
Is this a app inventor bug ? or Google makes our life difficult?

Did you create app with different app inventor id or with the same as you used before when you upload app ?

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The problem is keystore not the package not the version
I did delete keystore, reload browser, upload many times the aab but always error keystore
I am very confused, help.

First when we delete the keystore from Ai2 , delete from all of my projects? Or each project has its own keystore?

To create a new app aab in google play , we delete the keystore from AI2 built a new aab , the AI2 genarates new keystore , we export the keystore for backup and upoload the aab to google?
Then to create an update aab , we have to import the backup keystore and built & upload the abb?

And what other key Releases signed by Google Play?
Google will generate and protect an app signing key for your releases.