Google pay or paypal button through webviewer

I seem to hit a brick wall with this and wondering if anyone else has been able to get google pay to work. I have it up on something called. jsriddle but even passing it through the webviewer it doesnt play ball.


Looks like Google Pay wants to open an authenticated/authenticating page.

You will need to do this in a proper browser like Chrome or Firefox.

You might be able to change the user agent of the webviewer using an extension and access the Google Pay page that way ?

Will experiment more, I have asked google pay about the in app purchasing element too. Incase this breaks any rules within play. Thanks for that tim, I appreciate your help there

you might be interested in the in app billing extension


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

I have used a variable in the paypal form, using webstring function. Is there a way of converting a postal code to coordinates in google map within the app?

this might be possible using an API...
How to work with the web component and an API by Stephen


Thanks for that . The api might be the solution. Is there a way of making more than 1 variable using the website. At the moment I have it linked to PayPal and the variable is the price. I was looking at adding a mileage to add to the variable. Basically how much a delivery would be . Thanks again

you might want to show us your current solution, so we can think about how to add something

I have the index.html within the media upload of the app. I used the getwebviewstring which is 66 but obviously this was experimenting to see if the html would change to the variable. I apologise for the late reply to this but interests me to explore either php, javascript, etc in relaying to paypal or other websites.

Just added 3 buttons, small, medium and large and it edits the index.html so far.

I can help you with google pay without any extension…

@Alapjeet what about presenting your solution here in the community then?


I thought tha but later I found they are talking about google play not google pay…
Because google pay work as I drop the plan…