Google Maps, multiple marks with lat and longitatude

Hi All

I want to use Google Maps through Activity Starter to show all hospitals near me. I can get it to work if I use the standard, like in the image:

BUT, I don't want to show ALL hospitals, only particular ones. I have their latitude and longitude. How can I insert that into that command to get those?



You cannot use the ActivityStarter way to display Google Maps for only the hospitals you want. Google decides what you see when you use this method.

You have the latitude and longitude. That is great, it allows you to either use

  • the MIT Map component to display only the hospitals you want using either design time or runtime Markers (if there are a lot of hospitals)
    National Park Tutorial (Markers) updated might be the model you want to use.

  • use the GoogleMap API

Ok, thank you. It's a pity it can't be done.

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