Google map with directions

To show a place with map we use like :::: >>>, 23.11514008755796
But to show directions between two places using latitude & longitude HOW DO WE DO?
It is some thing like:,-121.47/37.7,-122.47/@38.1648422,-122.4626305,9z/data=!3m1!4b1
Can you pl explain all entries after maps/dir


With a Google Map. What you probably want to do is use an ActivityStarter and intents to open Google’s Navigator app. This link provides basic information!msg/mitappinventortest/3d7bFyGM508/pNsqAb9hBQAJ and an aia … the simplest way to display a map and get directions is to use an intent, with App Inventor, that means using the ActivityStarter…

Something like:

Using App Inventor blocks, there are several possibilities as to how you can code this. The intent requires the + wherever a space is typed for the Destination address. One block example uses the Web>URIEncode component (shown as an active block), another uses a Replace block and one is to hard code the destination (both shown as Disabled blocks). Any of these methods results in the proper formatting of the intent using the ActivityStarter.DataUri block. If you use the TextBox to input locations, you can either type an address or geocoordinates. For example type the coordinates separated by a single space, 38.9072 -77.0369 , and it works as well as typing Washington D.C.

When using this code snippet, you will discover returning to your App from Google’s Navigate is not as simple as pressing the BackButton soft key on your device. A quick way to return to your app is to press the double rectangle soft key. That action allows you to look at the active apps on your device, close the Navigate (swipe right) , then click on your App image to restore your main app screen. There may be other ways (using the BackButton soft key multiple times works and is s l o w )

This link provides other options to provide route information too using OpenStreetMap and the MIT Map component…

Is this what you want to do?

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