Google map shows in Browser but not in app

I have an app which displays a google map with locations shown.
I am using WebViewer in AppInventor pointing to the correct URL. On the AICompanion, all the layout and data is displayed correctly but the Google map is not displayed just a blank space.

Have I missed a setting?


Welcome Ian.

A Google Map? A Static Google Map or something else? Do you have a Google Map api key? To display a Google Map using Markers requires App Inventor users to use the Google Maps api.

Perhaps you using the MIT Map component that uses OSM tiles (not Google Map Tiles)? Then the issue may be is you are not telling your app to centerfromstring where that value is the coordinates of one of your Markers.

Perhaps you can elaborate if that isn't the issue. Show us your Designer screen perhaps?


Hi Steve
I have just started with AppInventor and the design of the screen is simply Screen1 with just a webviewer component. I will be developing further screens and functionality and I thought this would be the simplest screen as I am simply using a URL link.(

If you want to view the webpage to which I am linking view - it is not currently password protected as it is an initial test page for the project that tracks vehicles via Raspberry Pi.


The Web page loads fine on the WebViewer except the map does not display. The App Inventor WebViewer is not a full featured viewer. It does not have something called deep linking. Deep linking might be required to render the map that your Browser 'sees'.

The solution might be to use a Custom WebViewer extension instead of the stock WebViewer.