Google (Germany) Needs a Unknown Tax Document

This question is directed to App Inventor users who have their residence in Germany. Unfortunately, Google needs a tax document, where he does not say exactly what he wants and in which format. I uploaded a last a "Ansässigkeitsbescheinigung" (Certificate of residence with the stamp of our tax office in Frankfurt)
This is what Google has answered:
*Additional tax information required for tax residency *
*We were unable to verify the document you submitted. Therefore, we require additional information before we can accept your tax residency status. This may be for the following reasons: *
*Expired *
*Invalid type *
*With an issue date in the future *
*From a country from which we do not accept documents *
*Not issued by an accepted source *
*Authenticity of the document cannot be verified *
*Document is not acceptable proof of identity *

*To ensure your profile is up to date and you can apply for a tax exemption if eligible, please submit a current and accepted document type. *
We will use the standard applicable tax rules for tax residency until your tax information has been accepted and verified.
Does someone know please what Google wants? Google does not pay out my profits until this document is uploaded. I am also frightened that Google does close my developer account if I cannot upload this necessary document. Thanks!

Ja, ich hatte zunächst dasselbe Problem. Doch nachdem ich den

  • "I. Antrag auf Erteilung einer Ansässigkeitsbescheinigung / Certificate of residence für Zwecke der Steuerentlasung / for the purpose of tax relief" und

  • die vom hiesigen Finanzamt unterschriebene
    "II. Ansässigkeitsbescheinigung der deutschen Finanzverwaltung ..."

übermittelt hatte, wurde es akzepiert.

Wenn du dir nicht sicher bist, schick mir mal die übermittelte Bescheinigung per PM.

I hope you are not being phished for financial data

Well, there is certainly no question that Google wants to collect as much data as possible and rip people off with it.

Does Apple use similar practices when it comes to tracking users and collecting data about them? Maybe we should go towards Apple, because what Google is doing is slowly becoming terrifying...
To think that not long ago it was just an internet search engine...

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Google is probably just doing accounting and acquiring information required by the German government to provide tax statements regarding the app revenues for paid apps. Complain to the government involved .

Go ahead and move to ios, they are going to have similar requirements.

If software is sold, the federal government demands its share. :cry:

No. I have had several paid apps in the App Store for more than 10 years and I have never had to submit tax documents to Apple, let alone provide a tax-related certificate of residency.

Definitely. But don't worry, none of the big tech giants will continue to exist in their current form, as I have said several times.

I will return to my statements later (in due course).

Hello Anke, Thank you. In which format do they accept it? I uploaded PDF. I send you the document tomorrow via PN. Thank you very much. Martina

Your certificate looks good. The only difference in my (accepted) certificate was that I stated Ireland as a contractual partner state and state regarding the double taxation convention.

Dear Anke,
Thank you very much. This could really be the reason, why they refused it. Today I am sad, because our lovely fighting fish has died this morning. Have a great day! Martina