Google Forms Response Confirmation Code

I am using this method to send data to google forms - METRIC RAT AI2 - Use AI2 to directly submit Google Form Data and it works great. Here I have added confirmation with when Web1.GotText, If get responseCode = 200 , then set Label1.Text to Submitted successfully! I get a confirmation but would there be other response codes as well like 200 which would mean the data has been submitted successfully to google forms? I am thinking google might not always respond for success with 200.


almost all the times the write is success, but if you want the error code,
then you can turn OFF internet connection and try to submit the form, then you get the error code, so you can set the blocks accordingly

That will probably not give you an html code e.g 404, or 500.

@TIMAI2 I have added 404, 503, 410 as error codes, when the text receives these response codes, the data saves in tinydb. When it receives 200, it shows submitted successfully in label and clears all the textbox fields. Apart from 200, can I add 201, 202, 203, 204 and other as success response?

Thank you

Perhaps something like this: