Google Data Safety Form

Good day all. Like all developers, I have had to complete the new Privacy Policy and Data Safety form. The data safety form is bewildering me. There is a csv file that I have viewed, which runs to over 700 lines! Have no Idea at all how to manage this. Seems in the 'Response' column only True or False is acceptable, or leave blank. I have entered a couple of areas that I thought were relevant to and left the rest blank, then uploaded to form. But seems still some issue but have NO idea at all why! Has anyone any experience with this? I would appreciate some advice.
Eddie B

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Have you made any progress with this? Seems no-one else has had experience of the Privacy Policy and Data Safety form.....

Well I did get both done! But the Data Safety form is a nightmare. I simply put answers in the response column that I KNEW were correct (Very few!) and guessed at others and lefts most blank. My little app is very basic, has absolutely no outside input, no collection of data, no ads no pay etc. I downloaded the csv file did what I needed and uploaded it. First time it was not accepted! I put in a ticket and the reply was almost nonsense. I did not understand a word of it and it did NOT seem to address my problem. But apparently I got there in the end as next upload was accepted. As for the privacy policy, it was similar to what I actually put in the app itself. However, it requires you to put a URL link to your policy. There is, apparently, no way to just put it in the work area for it to be published. I am still in the process of developing a proper website but luckily, I still had access to the basic one that my isp gave when I signed up with them decades ago. I don’t like as its url is associated to my name! But quickly put a policy in the index page. I long ago stopped using the site and had cleared it. The link worked on my pc but not for those trying to access from outside. Re-did it and put a new link in and it works and was accepted. As soon as I get a full website up and running, I will transfer policy data to that.

I think the excel csv file runs to something like 750 lines! What a mess! Surely they could do something simpler, especially for basic apps that are not money-marketed!