Google change my email in Google Account, and all my apps disappeared🤦‍♂️

Google change my email address from luk******* to my other email azy*********** and I can't change my email in Google Account Settings.
Problem is - all my apps disappeared.
I'll try to login with old email, and I still don't have apps.

Please help, and sorry for my bad English.

Check this out

try to change your gmail name with your old gmail name.
or try to create a new gmail but with the old gmail name

I can't do that.

I can transfer your projects. Send me a private message (you can click my name to see the option) with your old Google address, your new Google address, and some information about the projects in your old account.

Man, use a private message. Don't show you'r email public.

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Hi Susan,

i have the same problem, my email-adress was changed from ** to ** All my projects are disappeared. :sob:

Is it possibel that i send you an PM that you can tranfer my projects to my new account?

It would be extremely important to me, I've put a lot of work into some of my projects, but there are definitely 20 more projects on the list.

Thanks al lot!


@Stefan_Cruse Follow the advice in Susan's post above. Be sure to mention the name or content of several of you Projects in the pm so Susan can confirm your identity.

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Hi friends,

google gave me a new adress with ** from old ** Now all of my projects in the AI-List are disappeared.

I tried to login with my old name, but after login the system changed it automaticly into the new **.gmail adress. Also, when i tried it a diffrent PC/Notebook.

So, what kann i do, there is a lot of work on those projects, is there any automatic function to migrate the old projects to my new account??

Pls. help and Thank's at all.


Yes, please send me a PM containing:

Old email
New email
Information about the projects on the account.

Hi there,

does anyone know what's happend with Susan. I had sent her my data and also received the reply that she would transfer my projects.

Unfortunately, there have been no answers since then, not even to my reminders, e.g. it takes a little longer or something similar.

I'm under a lot of pressure because I have to continue at least one of the projects.

Maybe someone has some info, thank you in advance.


I was out of town for two weeks, but I'm back now and working on it.

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