🟦 Google Apps Script - Setup and Deploying for your AI2 Project

A couple of howtos to help you get a google apps script web app correctly setup and howto create a new version. for legacy and new editors.


Great Guide @TIMAI2 :+1:
it is a new feature? I haven't seen it
P.S: Could I deploy my App Inventor for free? I don't need a domain for it but could I deploy my AI2 for free

Do you mean the new editor ? It has been around for about a year now.
If not, it is just that many users are seeking to integrate google apps script with their AI2 project, but are not reading up on the process. This is intended to help everyone on their way.

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Thanks but :point_down:

Not sure that has anything to do with this.....

but the title itself tells that we could Setup and Deploying for App Inventor

Yes, setting up and deploying google apps script, FOR AppInventor!! (This has nothing to do with deploying an instance of Appinventor)

See here for what you can do with google apps script


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May I know what does only


I do not understand the question ?

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Do you mean an App Inventor project or Whole App Inventor or something else?

OK, I will change the title from App Inventor to AI2 project to avoid confusion.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
Now I understood is correctly :+1:

If you had read either of the howtos in the links, you would have seen what this was about.

I saw the 1st link but it wasn't related to this

Very helpfull guide for me