Google/api31/android October 13, 2023

Hi, do you have a solution for this? My app is blocked for sale, Google asked me to change it to api31/androi13 and I don't know how to do that. can you help me?

att. Franklin do Brazil

I believe you need to compile your app/project using the current version of AppInventor, ensuring you change your Version Code and Version Name, then upload this as an update to your app on the Play Store.

Others may provide further/better advice....

If your app currently targets SDK 30 (Android 11), it will no longer be available in the Play Store on Android 12+ devices. If the app targets SDK 31 (Android 12), it should be available there on all devices / Android versions. So you just have to build your app with the current version of AI2 and update it in the Play Store, as @TIMAI2 said.

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I did this process and it doesn't seem to work. I updated it on appiventor2 and threw the file there and the system didn't accept it and sent me this message below, I need help and I don't know what to his message below here....

The deadline for you to meet some desired API level requirements has been extended
joiner app 4.0
joiner app 4.0
September 12th 2023 01:12
You've been given an extension until November 1, 2023 to update your app and meet some desired API level requirements.

From November 1, 2023, if the desired API level is not more than one year different from the latest version of Android, you will not be able to update the app.

Post a (complete) screenshot of this message.

I don't know how to solve it, and I think this problem will happen to other creators. I think appinventor won't have a solution for this and I'll lose all my apps.

When exactly was the last update of your app created and when uploaded to the Play Developer console? When is the screenshot/warning from Google from?

Always post complete (expanded) screenshots. Go to your app in the Play Developer console, Release, Production, Releases, Details ... and post a screenshot (like this):

So your update is from August 10, 2023 and therefore before the nb193 release (targetSdk 33). So there's nothing for you to do for now.

Simply ignore the warning or if it bothers you too much, update your app again (now to SDK 33). It's actually not necessary, unless you have other good reasons for a new update.

So, does this mean that this information from ggole here is not valid? my app is sold, the user needs to pay to download it. and informs that from October 1st, new users will no longer be able to download and I will lose the app. That's my fear, because every time I launch a new version, Google sends a message like this. and for some reason app sales are being canceled automatically as shown in the photo below

Everyone who tries to download can't buy it.. being refused and not getting the card is really a refund.

This message appears everywhere. ..

This could have other causes.

no, of course this information is valid

where exactly is that mentioned? as of today you have almost 1 year to provide an update using SDK33

if you build your app today, it targets already SDK33... as it has been said earlier

so if you upload an update today, there should not be that warning anymore...

as a friendly reminder from Google to update your apps... you have almost 1 year to do it... see also


The community here is easier and more experienced to understand and help in a clear way, I'm grateful for you helping me. I'm seeing this with them. It seems like it's some form of rent that they don't know how to guide me, the reason is and directs me to several paths that I've already taken and I've been trying to resolve this for 3 months.

I updated today, I sent a new version and I need to wait 7 days for them to analyze and confirm. I'll wait and if everything resolves I'll come back here to inform you. and thank you for your help. Many thanks to everyone involved. We are lost and help is always welcome.

Google generally makes no predictions regarding the review period for a new release. It can happen in 1-2 hours or 1-2 days or in the worst case 1-2 weeks. For me it usually only takes a few hours.

So how do you know about “7 days”?