Google Account for kids

Dear MIT App Inventor crew

I would like to use app inventor for workshop with kids.
But there is one problem, I can’t use Google-Accounts because of our school policy.
Is there a way to use MIT app inventor without the need of a Google-Account?

kind regards

You can use this server

But you have to remember the string, for instance

Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 18.03.54

so you don’t loose your projects.


MIT provides an alternative server at . This server permits people to login to App Inventor without having an account at all . Once they log in They are shown a four word revisit code. If they write that code down, they can use it in the future to go back to the system and access the projects they created. In essence it’s like an account that’s just identified by four words. It should be possible for your workshop participants use the code… alternative server and use App Inventor 2.