Going up list after click

Whenever i click a button or label on my list at the Designers view, i have to go all the way down again, because it sends me to the top, everytime.
That also happens when I add a new label or button to the bottom part, or modify any, it sends me back to the top of my app.

Is there a way to stop or fix this?

I vaguely remember getting some relief from this by collapsing parts of the Designer Arrangement tree above where I was working. Click on the [-] junction nodes to turn them into [+] nodes to collapse branches of the tree.

Hello John

What Browser are you using?

I'm Google Chrome Version 83.0.4103.106 64 bits on Windows 7.

I'm sorry, but where do I find that to click on?

You could try "Collapse Blocks" from the right-click menu.

This is in the Designer, Chris....:wink:

Here is a Loom video of my workaround ...

Yeah, Exactly. It's Really Frustrating.
Also, On the phone screen, If i add a label between two buttons, it sends me back to the top of the app and i have do scroll down all the way to add another one and do this on and on...

That is a different thing, if you change / add / remove components or settings when in companion, the app is refreshed back to start. Either work blind (stop the companion) or make components not visible.

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details, details :flushed:

I don't mean on the emulator, i mean on the designer screen. I have no AI companion, i go down the app, add a Label between two Buttons, it sends me back to the top. Interestingly, not on the very top, but a little bit after it.

got me doing it now :upside_down_face:

Much the same applies, hide the components above (untick visible) to work on the the area in your app you want to work on

Yeah, that's a way to avoid it, but then you'll have to make them visible one by one through the list on the side, and it keeps going up to the top, so that is exchaging six for half a dozen. Haha.

You could always put the upper components in a vertical arrangement, then you just have to hide that..

Yeah, i think that is a good improvised solution. Eventhough it doesn't fix this annoying thing, it will make easier to work on the app.

Thanks for all who gave attention to this topic.

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