Going to the wrong location

When using the aia from this topic

And see if i get an error in iOS companion i get....

On my Ipad Air, instead of going to the location that is visible in the designer it looks like it is showing coordinates 0,0. I don't have a iPhone with me at to moment to test. No error message like in the topic.

0,0 , on an Android means you see the default location coordinates

You see this when:

  • the LocationSensor is not enabled or your Settings are set to Location off
  • you a looking for a location while you are indoors in some buildings and the device may not achieve a satellite fix at all. Go outside, better signals and it is healthy and boot you and the device will hear better.
  • even if you have good signals from the satellites, the initial satellite fix takes up to 30 or 60 seconds before the LocationChanged event can be triggered. The gps receiver must first decide where it is located. Initially, the gps is asleep, it is like most people; it needs some time to resolve when the wake up whether they are home in bed, in a motel or snoozing on an aircraft etc. Subsequent fixes occur more rapidly (depending on many factors including quality of the gps receiver and how recent a version of Android is in use.
  • some Android tablets do not have a gps receiver (while all cells do). Perhaps your IpadAir does not have gps hardware. There is a Block to tell you if a gps is available.
  • while the Map component has a built-in location sensor code; its TimeInterval is fixed at about 60 seconds (unless you use the Map in conjunction with a 'real' LocationSensor component.
  • you coded something incorrectly.

On android i always get the mit location when dropping a map in the designer and starting the companion. On ios i don't go to mit but to 0,0. I think this has nothing to do with my location since i don't change any location. Just the default one that shows MIT.

It could be an initialization issue on our end. The map should go to the coordinate set in CenterFromString in the designer.

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