Goals Reset 24hrs

I am trying to make an app where a list viewer already has some goals for you to complete, and when you click on one item in the list, it deletes. BTW, it includes tiny db. So far everything has been completed, except I want the goals to reset back every 24 hrs. If possible, I also want to make a timer that shows how much hours, minutes, and seconds you have until your goal resetting.

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Imagine if you had a TinyDB with the goals as the tags, and the values their Clock1.SystemTime for when they last were completed (0 if never.)

Then the ListView Elements would be those tags whose timestamps would be more than a days' Duration older than the current value of Clock1.SystemTime.

Every time you click on an item from the ListView, set its TinyDB value to Clock1.SystemTime and refresh the ListView Elements using that same criterion (older than a day.)

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That previous idea did not set a specific time for all the goals to reset together.

Let's say it is midnight, when the date rolls over.

For that case, use the date (yyyyMMdd format) as the value instead.

Search this board for 'countdown' (or ByeByeAI) to find how to show a countdown.

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