Go from page 1 to page 2

I would be very happy if any one here in community can help me to do that.

Here are a couple of examples:

You can add your 50 story image in this extension and after you can see every story by swipping

I tested swipeSlidesBookv2.aia and this is exactly what I had searched about. It slide from page to page but can not slide down by slider I mean I can't go down to read the whole page from top to down for every single page.

Try here instead, which uses HTML and allows for vertical scrolling of the page. (If I remember correctly, it wasn't possible to use a vertical scrolling arrangement inside the view pager)

What about using textbox in this example instead of label and webviewer. Is it ok?

It should work. The issue with the textbox is around setting it to read only so that the text cannot be edited. This may have a knock on effect with other features...Try it, see how you get one. There are less formatting/display possibilities with a textbox.

I replaced all labels with textboxs but it shows an error.

You must have a blocks error in there somewhere.

Try this, works for me (updated):

swipeSlidesBookv4TBs3.aia (18.8 KB)

Also using a listview.

ListviewPageSwipe.aia (4.8 KB)

Downsides to this is the inaccurate page to page swipe, and the entire book is loaded at the start.

I have tested swipeSlidesBookv4TBs.aia and I noticed that when I slide the textbox page, all compontents are slide together. How can I fix the other compontents to not move with texbox while slide up or down ?

Don't put them in the view pager container.

I noticed this problem in this example you sent swipeSlidesBookv4TBs.aia

Ah, untick Screen Scrollable in Screen1.properties, I had to set this to add the text boxes and forgot to unset again. I have now updated the aia project.

I have tick screen scrollable in screen1 and again it scroll all items include button and label

Untick it please, or download AIA again

OK, get some different version behaviour. i am finding that on Android 10, the textbox will scroll when set to read only, but will not scroll in Android 11. This is using companion.

Seems the html approach is the most useful.

Think I have it figured out. Seems the view pager will accept a vertical scroll arrangement

swipeSlidesBookv4TBs3.aia (18.8 KB)

Thank you for clarification

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