Global variable rename error in Korean language

Global variable rename error

In the Korean language, an error occurs as shown in the attached picture.

If user change the name of a global variable, every set block will get an error.

User must change the variable names in all set blocks.

I would really appreciate if you could fix this error.


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Hello, please don't create duplicate topics, you have already made a similar topic.It would be better to keep both the questions in the same topic rather than making two.

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Hi, thank you.

But I think these two are separate from each other.

One is that the error occurs depending on the location,
The other is that I get an error when I change the variable name.
That's why I created a separate topic.

Do you think these are the same errors?

Thank you.

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They are not same but are similar, people could react faster if you put it in the same post.

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MIT will look at this. Thank you.

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I believe that I have a fix for this issue. I have set up a test server where you can import your projects to test the fix. Please let me know whether or not it works for you.

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Hello, @ewpatton

I tested your test server. But this issue was not fixed.
If I rename the global variable name, then 'set' block makes error.

Thank you for your effort.


I confirm that it is the same in Polish. When changing the name of a variable, all the variables that were renamed crash. In this case, refreshing the browser does not help. You have to manually reselect the name in each variable block.

Thanks for the feedback I'll keep working on it.

I've updated the test server with some more code to better handle renames. Please let me know if it solves your issue.

Polish language works fine. :+1:

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Korean language works fine too!!!

Thank you very much!!!

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이 에러는 수년전 부터 보고 되던 것이었는데..
이재우 선생님께서 잘 짚어주셨네요!

This has been merged and will be in the next App Inventor release.


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