Global variable error in Korean language


In the Korean language, an error occurs as shown in the attached picture.

In the block editor screen, if the Initialize block is below the set block, an error occurs when opening the project.

I would really appreciate if you could fix this error.


Click on that × symbol and see what is written

That messge means 'Select a vaild item in the drop down.'



Please open the dropdown and reselect the variable.

Place variable declarations above the blocks and avoid the problem. If you program in any language, you declare the variable first and then use it. By changing the language, you are changing the name of this variable.

This is the debugging method now.

ok :blush:


Until now, Korean users did not know why, so a cumbersome task was required.

Now raising the Initialize block to the top of the editor screen will fix the problem.

However, this problem does not appear in the English language. No error occurs where the Initialize block is on the screen.

If possible, I would appreciate if you could fix this error.

Thank you very much!

Not only the Korean language has this problem. I have noticed this error in my language once, so I stopped using a language other than English in the app inventor to maintain compatibility.
I think only @ewpatton can help here.

Oh! I didn't know if other languages ​​were getting the same error as well.

First, I will inform Korean users to use the Initialize block at the top of the screen.

I am a person who teaches App Inventor to students, so I can only use the Korean version.

Thank you for letting me know.

It would be better if you use English :slightly_smiling_face:

You are right.

I checked the language, and found the same error in the Lithuanian and Polski language.

The problem appeared when the word 'global' was translated.

It is better not to translate 'global' word even in the Korean language.

Thank you.

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Thank you. MIT will look at this potential translation issue.

I meant the Polish language;)

I looked at it again.
It is a variable.
blocks - 2021-01-11T133616.507
At the end of the word en - global, pl - "globalną" there is a country-specific character.

When we put the variable declaration under the blocks, we get this effect.

As you can see, the word "global" is not translated and remains in the English version.

When we put the variable declaration above the blocks and refresh the page, it looks like this.

As you can see, there is no error. However, the ending of the name global is different. It is "globalną" in the declaration, and "globalna" in blocks.
Maybe there is a problem here and you should not change the word ending in the translation? The change of the ending in Polish occurs when the noun is inflected by cases.

We released a fix to the bug of translating "global," but it seems we missed something.

@Hellosoft, thank you for providing so much detail. This helps a lot.

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I believe that I have a fix for this issue. I have set up a test server where you can import your projects to test the fix. Please let me know whether or not it works for you.

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Hello, @ewpatton,

On behalf of all Koreans, thank you for your help.
I tested your test server, and I have confirmed that this issue is resolved.

Thank you for solving this problem.

However, another issue related to variable renaming has not been resolved yet.

Thank you,