Global variable: doesn't work with index for lists, error message

Using glabal variables for indexing lists works fine until now. Whats the problem? What am I doing wrong? Can anybody help me. In all other cases is does work. See below for coding en error message.


What did you change to make it stop working?

Suggest you simplify, debug each set of blocks in turn, to find out where the error arises and which list is empty and for what reason. Difficult to debug partial blocks like you have posted.

The Blocks are chronically posted. The assigment in latest block causes the problem as shown in the massage. The assigment of the global variable "GeluidBronNrFocus" causes the problem.

I solved the problem! It was caused by the anyButtonClick event. I did not right protected this for the particular button. So the variable was also changed by another buttonClick.
Thank you for your advice to simplify the blocks. That did help.

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