Give Text value by Clock

Hello everyon,
Is there some way to use clock in order to give the value of text every one minute because the text value is changing every one minute by the user.
Thank you


How is the user changing the value of the label ?

Explain yourself better, I don’t understand

There are different values in a list and every minute it gives the last value the user selected.

If you need the 1 minute refresh is correct (delete only the “afterpicking” block), if you want to refresh the label in real time add in “ListPicker1.afterpicking” event “set Label1.text to selection.text”, ps. no need to manually set the selection with the “afterpicking” event, it is automatically set!

Hi Electrostore,
Can you please do a small example and demonstration to show me exactly how it works.
Thank you so much.

tutorial_small.aia (2.0 KB)

Thank you thank you so much Electrostore for help. It’s a very clear now.
Good luck!

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