Give an app to a friend

How can I give my app to a friend without publishing it in Google play or other?

Dovreste inviare al suo amico, direttamente il file APK; affinchè lui possa eseguirlo ed installarlo sul suo smartphone android.

In English or German, please

You should send the APK file directly to his friend; so that he can be run and installed on his Android smartphone.

There are two options that are ‘simple’

  • Sharing Your App … share the QR code link that results when you compile your app using Build> App (provide QR code…
  • Share your apk using a shareable link to your Google Drive
    1. have your friend make the following settings on his/her device Settings>Security>Install unknown apps and select Drive (if your Android version permits).
    2. place your apk file into your Google Drive and then create a shareable link

  1. copy the link to an email and send the email to whoever you want.

  1. when the recipient receives the email, they should click on the shareable link, this begins the install process.

  2. When requested, open the file with package installer

  3. the app should install. Follow the prompts.

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When an app is finished can be shared via google store?

Sure, but you have to sign up as Google Play * Developer first, and the first time you have to * pay * about $ 25 by credit card.

… and I didn’t want to publish it but only give it to some other persons.
The solution was already presentd above.

Also is just a little off topic. This amount is due only the first time??
Yes @WoHer I know that send apk file is the fastest way without share to other

You pay only once.

1- You can’t send with email attachment if the APK file is bigger than the size limit of your email attachment.

2- You don’t have to use Google shared folder. You can use any other company that provides cloud storage and save the APK file there. You may already have available some free unused cloud storage.

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