GIF on imagesprite extension

hello everyone, so I am working on a school project, and I was wondering if there is an extension out there that lets you play gif on an imagesprite.

I've actually found a way to do this, but the gif extension I was using didn't have tge functions that I was hoping to have, like limiting the loops of the gif.

if you are wondering how I did the first attempt on playing gif on imagesprite, I was using an extension called KI04_AniGif

nutsroll, hunteridle, nutsattack1, nutsattack2 are image from media
player is an imagesprite.


Perhaps you can use a clock (timer) to stop the movement of the gift.

A test with that extension and based on your idea of take the frames to use them in the imageSprite:

and when the frame count and the delay, you can adjust the clock to have te cycles you want.