Getting text from a list picker

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how to get the text that is inside of a list picker. The reason for this is I want to join the text that is in the list picker and text from a text box to be sent as a string to an arduino using bluetooth, so I need to be able to send the value of the list picker. Any ideas on how to do this. Thanks in advance.
A snippet of what I want to do with this is show below.

Try this

Thank you, that kind of worked but for some reason it sends all the values in the listpicker not just the one that was selected. Any ideas on this?

show your blocks

Thank you, I just attached the .aia file hope this is ok, if not I will add the blocks just let me knowPump_Control_One_Screen.aia (20.0 KB)

As I guessed....

you have ListPicker2.Elements not ListPicker2.Selection

ohh I totally do I so should have seen that. Thank you so much.

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