Getting error on tiny db and list

I need to show the value of my list using for each but I'm always getting this error

this is the procedure I use (from Working with Lists and TinyDB)


Still when I change the for each it always checks the value of my list not the length of my list or the list itself..


You need to initialize your screenListLat as this:

And you need to populate it with this block:

That means screenListLat is not a list. You must show the blocks related to this variable.

Add items to list are my missing block, thank you so much.

Yes sir, I initialize it as empty list

Somewhere in the blocks you have to convert it back to a regular number. Because if this were an empty list you would not get this error. In this variabe you have number 14.67628

I got error because the value is not storing in list, I forgot to add (add list item block) and now it is working thanks for your time answering my question sir.

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