Getting error No address availaible

This is my Code:
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This is the code of page where I am using it:
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No address available is returned from the LocationSensor when the LocationSensor resolves a latitude and longitude that it cannot provide an address for. The Google database, does not have addresses for the middle of the desert, a cow pasture, or for all the addresses in cities in towns .

The default latitude/longitude of the LocationSensor is 0,0. 0 latitude and 0 longitude is a place in the Atlantic Ocean just west of the coast of Africa. The database does not have an address for that. I expect you see No address… because you Gps receiver has not triggered a LocationChanged event.

You might like to read more about the CurrentAddress block in the LocationSensor HOW TO: Parse a LocationSensor's Current Address by SteveJG

Thanks a lot SteveJG for answering. Just wanted to ask if you can suggest some other way to get the location as it is one of the main part of the project I am trying to make

Location means different things to different people. The location might be the latitude and longitude geocoordinates or a street address.

The ONLY way to get an address (street address for example) is know the latitude and longitude. You do that with the LocationSensor component using the CurrentAddress. The above link 'How to parse a LocationSensor's Current Address' shows how to do that. You can also reverse geocode (get an address, if one is available) by using an online service like Reverse Geocoding Tool Convert Lat Long to Address that might work or use the Google Map API. The Map API requires a Google API key .

Get latitude / longitude information using the LocationSensor or the Map components for your device's current location. The Map component uses a compact version of the LocationSensor internally.

Alternatively, get a paper map with latitude/longitude coordinates and interpolate

While were in this chat I had one more question using the blocks how would you show a current address when I run the blocks it says No address Available

Using the LocationSensor? You can't, the CurrentAddress comes from Google's database.

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Would that same process still be applied here if I need my current address to appear in textbox 3

Yes, provided the LocationSensor has a satellite fix .. you need to wait.

So I just need my current street address and I live in a pretty urban area I am still confused why I would need to do all that long coding

??? If you want the raw CurrentAddress as a csv, then you don't. If you want the displayed address to look 'pretty', you have some work to do. :astonished:

If your gps does not have a satellite fix, the LocationSensor uses a default latitude and longitude of 0,0. The current address of that is No address available because 0,0 corresponds to a location off the western cost of Africa. There isn't an address for a location in the South Atlantic Ocean. :cry:
Since you live in a urban area and are not getting an address, the assumption is your GPS is not getting a satellite fix when you call for the address.

You can become an 'expert' on GPS by reading Using the Location Sensor and (Sensors) .

CurrentAddress is the physical street address of the device from Google’s map database.

The address might not always be available from the provider, and the address reported may not always be of the building where the device is located.

If Google has no address information available for a particular location, this will return No address available.