Getting error 703 in first tutorial code

In the First Tutorial code, "HourOfCode", either I use Emulator, or my android, getting the problem of error 703.
A screenshot is attached here for reference.

This tutorial?

This might help.

Error 703 usually means the app cannot find an mp3 file. * Codi picture: codi.jpg (Right-click and Save)

  • Bee sound: Bee-Sound.mp3 (Right-click and Save) Did you load and place the mp3 into Media?

call Sound1.Vibrate can not work if you use the emulator. You should not use both Sound and Vibrate together and you should not use Vibrate in the emulator. The tutorial shows only using Sound. (perhaps you have a different tutorial?). Try this on a real device using the Companion and it should work.

Did you notice the note in the tutorial "Note: there is a known issue with the Sound component on some devices. If you see an "OS Error" and the sound does not play - or is very delayed in playing, go back into the Designer and try using a Player component (found under Media) instead of the Sound component." ... you may have to use a Player component with your Android when testing using Companion instead of the Sound.Play your tried.

Did you get it working?


Thanks for help. Neither in emulator nor in phone the is working. It is giving the same error. However only vibrate is working on phone. I will try with other sound files as well.
However, if the solution to sound problem can have a defined set of instructions, it would be much easier to work with for kids with varied phone types.

Sorry, I don't write this stuff. I agree, a lot is ambiguous and could be clearer.

This might help

the Bee-Sound.mp3 is in the attached Bee.aia (32.8 KB) aia loaded in Media.

Bee.aia (32.8 KB)

Try the aia. Does it work? It works in the emulator and in my 4.2.2 phone.

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Thank you. Now it is working perfectly even on the emulator.

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