Getting Data from Firebase

Hi, I'm working on a project that requires a database, so I tried the Firebase Real-Time Database. I have been reading posted topics related to my problem, but none of them worked. I also tried looking for tutorials on Youtube, but it still won't work. I need help. These are my blocks for the particular problem I am having issues with.

I'm trying to create a multiple-user app.

Uploading: blocks (1).png...

Uploading: blocks (3).png...

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Not all your images have uploaded correctly....

Hi, apologies. I didn't realize that until you pointed it out. Here it is.

Display the arrived value from Firebase.

I suspect it will be the entire user record and not just the password you seek .

Thank you for helping. I just want to clarify if this is the arrived value you're talking about...?



I have done it this way to show the firebase structure you must follow. It makes two calls, you can do it with one, if you then work through the json that is returned.

Actually, thank you! I get it already. I finally made it work, thanks to you! You just made my day :smiley:

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