Getting CloudDBError while reading store data via other device


I am reading data via BLUETOOTH and storing it in CloudDB via one device(for every 2 min) and reading same via another device. But once in a while getting the below error at reading device....and its disconnecting. error:ssl=0xec257088:I/O error during system call, Software caused connection abort.

Ravi Kumar.

I suggest you break things down into steps, so that you can identify exactly when the error arises...

Its taking around 4 to 5 hours to hit the problem...any suggestion based on Error message ?

My guess would be a timing issue or when the correct data is not presented correctly...

I see a global variable username that you clear after a disconnect operation where you clear a bunch of CloudDB tags.

That same global variable is used to prefix CloudDB tags that you write to in a Clock Timer event.

The error message complains about a write error to CloudDB.

Maybe after a discinnect you should stop the Clock Timer, or not clear that username variable?

Or have the CloudDB write blocks guarded by tests for username not blank?