GetTagList is not passing any data

I am calling the GetTagList block but am not getting any data from it. I am redesigning my login page for my app and I am able to create a new user with the same name as an existing user. The GetTagList block is part of the process to check for that but is not giving me any data. Here are some blocks..



I'm calling it early on because I read in other posts that it can take time. Placing it in the page INIT should give it plenty of time as the user fills out the form.

Here are the blocks for creating a new user and saving the data..

And here are some more blocks that are relevent to my issue..



There is data in the database. I am giving it time. The tags are not integers. What else could cause the block not to pass the data?

You are right, It doesn't really serve a purpose. I am going to be saving the new user data regardless if the list is empty or not. I will remove that. But it was telling me that the GetTag wasn't working.. what about that issue?

Check you Project Bucket is set to Users before you call the taglist

The double slash is not required

See below examples of storing data to firebase using the firebase component and the web component.
It really does all depend on how you want to work with firebase, use AI2 lists or firebase lists.


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Wow,, that was easy. I defined the bucket right before the call to the TagList and now it works. I dont know why I didnt think of that.

Here is the new INIT


Also ABG mentioned the double slashes to me in a previous incident he was helping me on. I just now removed them and it still works fine.. thanks to the both of you.

I also assume that the reverse is true..


And then reference the GotValue value for my data, correct?

Did you try it ?

Yeah I did in my app but I am doing something wrong. I am trying to compare the passwords in a login routine but I am not getting a value when I try to pull it.. let me get some blocks to show you

Here is what I see happening ..


and the data shows the acct and password exists..


Is `global currentPassword coming from the .GotValue event ?

If so, your if statement needs to be in that event block, because you will NOT have the value before that.

Have a good read here:

Event processing

Yes it is. I was under the impression that when the GetValue event is executed, the next thing that happens is the GotValue event.. like a gosub. After the GotValue the flow would return and the next thing to happen would be my If/Then for the password comparison. I guess this is not the case?

LOL.. I just saw your lst post. I am reading it now.

OK now I am confused again..


Again, make sure you have your project bucket set correctly, and of course you need to call the getValue in order to have a gotValue


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In a post or two above, I show that the bucket is set in the Page Initialization event so its already been set. I just set it again before the GetValue event like in your example but still no data.

Is my logic bad? If the bucket has been set then does the tag need to include "Users" instead of just "currentUser/Password"


I'm still hacking away at this..

You have identified your issue, in that you are calling Users twice:



needs to be:

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Perfect. That was the issue. I just learned something new. Thank you.

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