Get values from a JSON

Hello guys,
I'm getting this JSON response:

{"data":[{"varcarduid":"2222","fullname":"Davor Geci","varerror":null}],"success":true}

I tried a lot of combinations to get this value from the tag "fullname" out of it.

Could someone help with this, what would be the block?


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The easiest thing would be to use the get value at key path block. You can hand it the parsed JSON dictionary and a list ["data", 1, "fullname"] to get the corresponding element.

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Thanks @ewpatton for your response and for your help.

I got "Not Found" with this block, could you maybe see what I'm doing wrong?


You didn't follow suggestion

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Thank you both @ewpatton and @dora_paz

Now it works.
Once again Thank you!!!

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