Get tinydb data from a score in one screen to a listview in other screen

Hello guys, does anyone knows how can i get data from tinydb from screen1 to a listview in screen2?
+I am creating a pong game but i need to create a score screen after the game finish automatically

the game is working and i set a notification when finish, last thing it does is to open screen 2 in order to get the score screen, never the less, i dont know how to get the score to the listview in the other screen, in the second screen i have set the title, a list view and an other tinydb, so far i ve read that is the same tinydb from screen 1 and 2, never the less im lost in order to get the scores to get the info from the score.

I´d really appreciate your help
thanks a lot



Wow thanks a lot my friend, that will do