Get the name of a certain day

Do I have to get the name of the day based on a number ranging from 1 to 7 as I can do?

One way

shows the day of the week for 2/28/2020.

or, for a specific date

If this is not what you want to do, please provide an example. Thanks.


Is this a language translation problem?
If not, initialize a global list with the items ‘Sunday’, Monday’,…
and select by index 1-7.

Non è quello che serve a me.
Con WeekdayName se inserisco un numero da 1 a 7 mi da il giorno della settimana ma non capisco il perché mi da sempre il giorno prima

Sorry. We do not understand your problem. We have offered several solutions that provide what you ask for.

We cannot see your Blocks. Post the code you use that ‘sempre il giorno prima’
Please show an example and your code blocks Massimiliano.

Thank you.

Sunday = 1
Saturday = 7


or in javascript

Sunday = 0
Saturday = 6