Get Tag from Tiny DB?

Hello, I have created a program that asks the user for different information. I am currently having trouble with this screen where the user has to input 3 pieces of information and that info will be saved in the database and also populate the first row of textboxes above the input boxes. everytime the user inputs information the info will be saved in the database and also we will see what the first 3 rows of information are within that database. I have included pictures to show what i mean as explaining it in words is difficult. This is what i am trying to achieve:

This is what i have coded so far (i can only currently save to the database and show only the first row of textboxes.):

Thank you so much for the help in advance. I really appreciate it.

  1. Change the default procedure names to something meaningful.
  2. You do not show the “save” procedure
  3. Do you mean columns instead of rows ?
  4. What happens when you have more than three rows of data ?
  5. How do you know the first tag returned from GetTags will be the correct one?
  6. Your routine is simply overwriting the data so will only ever fill the first row of textboxes