Get RSSI value of connected Bluetooth Classic device?

Hi! I've been trying to find a way or an extension that would permit me to get the RSSI value of a connected Bluetooth speaker for an app I'm trying to make. I've found some extensions for BluetoothLE, but my speaker does not show up in the list of BluetoothLE devices. I'm looking for this block from the BluetoothLE extension (or a similar block with the same functionality) but for a connected Bluetooth Classic device like a speaker:

Thanks for reading! I'd greatly appreciate any help :slight_smile:

The classic Bluetooth Extension is able to provide it

Thanks for the response Taifun! I tried using the test app, but it seems to only show devices that are not currently connected to my phone. My paired speaker appears in "already paired devices" when it's not connected but when I connect to it, it disappears from the list. Furthermore, I'm not sure how I would get solely the RSSI of a connected device as the extension only seems to have blocks to provide the entire address (I don't need the address, just the RSSI value).

then it seems to work only for not connected devices, sorry...

to get only the RSSI value, you split the result using the split block from the text drawer by a space and then select the third item of the list using the select list item block


Thanks again. Would there be a way to add a way to get the RSSI of a connected device to the extension? I'm pretty new to App Inventor so I'm not too sure of the process to sponsor a functionality.