Get MAC adress of current wifi access point

Hi is there a way of reading the mac adress of the wifi access point / router etc?

Try to build a very basic indoor navigation and right building / right floor would be sufficient start
Without BLE tokens or NFC tags ...

Best Michael

The wifi extension offers the BSSID method for that


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Thank you very much
Tried this extension some months ago already but failed to get useful data

Now read the manual and discovered the issue with ,location services' and voila proper mac adresses :ok_hand:t3:

Funny is that this is not implemented in your demo app as well make it end in errors at some buttons

Now its working properly - will add a screenshot later

Yes, you have to grant location permission and enable GPS for some methods to work


made it work by adding [sensors] -> [ location sensor] then the app asks for permission and all fine


Or you just follow my example project without adding a locationsensor and use the RequestLocationPermission method


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