Get image from cloud DB error

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No error when saving, but No file such or directory when getting.(companion)

tested on android 8.1 and works

clouddb (1).aia (2.6 KB)

Ensure you have / create a directory called AppInventorBinaries in your filescope App path


That should be described in the MIT Guide.

How can I do it ? I tried with Alireza_Sharifi aia (changing account) without success. (android 11)

Are you using a full path to the image (file:///.....) ?

There also needs to be a test for the Android version, because AppInventorBinaries may go to a different place ( I haven't tested this yet on less than Android 10)

Yes, see blocks in post 1

What is your Android version ?

version 11

Then AppInventorBinaries needs to exist / be created in your ASD:


and filescope should be App not Legacy

AndroidBinaries or AppInventorBinaries ?
I can not create any dir in asd

Sorry AppInventorBinaries

(I will edit above)

Your path when using filescope App is incorrect....

Is it correct ?

i tested this project in android 11 and works: (companion and apk)

clouddb (2).aia (2.6 KB)

Your aia runs well for me, but only with apk, not companion.

Hi Alireza

You should not need a Read External Storage permission for Android 11+, the ASD (App Specific Directory) is internal storage.

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What happens when using companion?

In the Procedure App Inventor Binaries, if the path does not exist and is therefore created, where is the image?

With companion

  1. I can not create the folder AppInventorBinaries
  2. when get error no such file or directory