Get from firebase to TableViewer

I have this data on FB according to the red frame image
I would like to obtain the 11 values ​​of the 4 rows in a table

the 4 rows can be variables such as 4 can be 10

the 11 values ​​are fixed
I already have the header in an editable list

On the other hand, I would like them to be in numerical order according to row 1

After you have retrieved all the rows into a list of lists (table), use one of the advanced list blocks to sort the list by item 1 of each row, before feeding the result into whatever table viewer you like.

How can I do to only obtain the values ​​of the 4 rows?

I mean the red doesn't appear

some example?

Loop through the rows, removing item 1 from each row?

get value of tag 31-05-2024, convert the value to dictionary with Web.decodejsontextwithdictionary, get the values of the dictionary as a list, sort the list.

You keep asking the same question (in a slightly different way). Look back at your previous questions, and the answers provided. Learn how to work with dictionaries and lists, there are plenty of resources.

The Tableviewer extension requires data in a list of lists.

I already managed to obtain only the values ​​in lavel ET_FB
now I try to insert it to the table with:
list from csv table
and I can't fill in the table

When I start screen I get data in ET_FB and send it to DATA_FB

When you click the button you should get it filled out

I already performed the test with DATA_TX and it does fill the table for me

I need to sort the first column in numerical order


Check out the list sort blocks...
(sort it before you add the header row)

Do you have any example?

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One last question, how can I save this table in .xls?

save the underlying list to csv format, MS Excel can open csv file.

something like that?

I can't save it

How do I apply the address where to save it?


I can't save it

any suggestions?

What error do you get ? (you should be getting an error if the file component cannot save the file)

Have you checked your ASD for the file, because that is where it will be...

I already saw it on the mobile

I was simulating it on a pc emulator
I thought that from the PC emulator I could give it an address and save it to disk C:
How would I do it in this case?

Is it possible to save to disk C?
give you a route

Does your PC Emulator have a shared directory that both android and the PC can access ? (Genymotion used to be able to do this until Android got more tricky...)

change the way to get the painting, better send it by mail

on the other hand I am saving the file in .csv
and when I open all the content it appears in column A

How can I make everyone go to their own column?