Get error 1109: specified url is not valid

error 1109: specified url is not valid

Use the File component.


Thanks for your help. But now I get not found error either using your code or taifuntools path assests.

You can show your blocks, or share your aia project here for testing.

This is multilanguage example. When you set language (right upper click) and click Exit-f, app should read from text file.

language_example_copy.aia (59.5 KB)

Make sure to correctly format json file.

I'm sorry. Not found is from Notifier. Probably my json file is not corect!


You can use jsonparseronline to validate your json

Solved! Thank you all for the assistance

What was the solution, this may help others ?

I used smart quote characters( “ ) insted of normal quote characters(") in json file
"en_multilanguage_text":“Click the Options button to change the language“,

This is the first time I have seen these impostors.
Where did you get them?