Get elements of a comma separated list and add to a string frame?

Confusing to ask, I will explain:

I have a function whose argument is passed in as a string list, having variable number of values, like these 3 ones - comma separators are part of the whole string:


And I need to build a string, packing these numbers as this:


I even considered a non-smart approach, as for example, taking one by one, which would work fine after the first one, because each new one is preceded by a comma; I guess this could be made simplest, but I can't see.

  • Should I use the make new mapped list block ?

Even so, I can't see how to add the above separators here.

add this after Make new List

I could solve this way, as you said:

Thank you a lot.

Just to share with the community:

In the case of an empty 'list' (a string with no comma-sepparated-elements ), I had to add a default element (e.g '9999' ), just to avoid

  • Building a malformed URL
  • App issuing error trying to parse an empty csv list

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