Get Device Admin Privliges in Android by App

I want to make an app similar to kids mode.
But I can't find any reference or extensions of allowing me to do it in AI2. The purpose for this app is to disable apps so it can be used in school.
The goal is to disable about most of the apps in the device including system apps and play store so the user can only access apps that are shown in my app's screen.
And enter Kiosk/ProKiosk mode if possible to disable the home and back button from closing my screen and hide the recent apps button(Looks like: "|||").

I don't know how to do this in Android Studio, but if somebody tells me how via DM, I may be able to do it.

Despite that, is there any way to do this in AI2?

  1. I do not believe this is possible
  2. Probably just easier to get an app off the Play Store that already does this.

Search Play Store for kiosk or kids mode